5 Ways To Make Your Business Eco Friendly

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The environment is an issue that is never far from our attention these days. We are living on the edge of a climate disaster, and world leaders are looking at what they can do to stop the changes. With talks of emissions targets and waste reduction, it is clear that we all have work to do when it comes to fighting this crisis. If we don’t all make drastic changes in the way that we live and work immediately, then we will all start feeling severe consequences within our lifetime. 

If you run a business, you should be leading your team in showing the path to better environmental practices. Having a rigid set of policies in place that help the planet will ensure that you are not only doing your bit to stop climate change, you are also teaching your team what they can do in their lives outside of the workplace. Corporate responsibility for environmental issues is a fundamentally important area that should be addressed by all business leaders. The time has come to move the health of the planet above the state of your profits. 

There are many things that you can implement in your business to help the environment. Some might be minor changes, but over time could make a significant impact. 

Go Paperless

In this day-and-age, there is no need to be printing out everything. Using document collection software, you don’t need to have stacks of paperwork sat on desks and in filing cabinets. Using cloud-based files and folders, your entire team can share the workflow between them without wasting paper. And less paper being used means fewer trees being chopped down. 

Switch Your Supplier

Have a look at your energy suppliers credentials. Find out where they are getting their power from, and if it is made through burning coal, then you need to switch. There are many companies that now offer100% renewable energy, so there is no reason not to use such a firm.

Turn It Off

If you have everything in your workplace powered up when you don’t need it, switch it off. Encourage everyone in your team to take responsibility for turning off any equipment or lights that are not in use. 

You may want to invest in timers that automatically power everything down at a particular time. Or, having motion sensors in rooms to turn the lights off when nobody is in there. 

Cycle To Work

Offering a cycle to work scheme is one way that many businesses commit to helping the environment. By offering hire bikes, or subsidizing the purchase of cycles, you could cut down on the amount of staff driving to your workplace each day. You should also look at installing a bike rack and providing a secure place to keep them when the team is at work. 


Look at the waste that leaves your business each week. Try and look for ways that as much of it as possible can get recycled. Work with local recycling firms to ensure you are not throwing anything into landfill that can be recycled. And educate your team on what can be recycled.

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