5 Tips on How to Convert Web Visitors into Qualified Leads

Tired of seeking a more constructive solution to convert your traffic into leads? You are not the first and last. When we talk about conversion, then obviously the objective here is sales. Besides, even the slightest selling pressure could make visitors to quit the page. But then how to convert the traffic into leads?

Some of the most effective practices in the industry can offer significant results. To convert the traffic to leads, you should follow a few things in your blog or web page religiously. Not only that, right from the content to the offers and CTA, everything should speak the expertise of your brand. After all, people would prefer buying products or services from an expert.

Below are some of the ideas that help in converting web visitors into qualified leads.

Topics Tend to Filter Visitors

Topics are the first look that intrigues the prospective client. Likewise, it should be attractive and should have a “grabber.” For instance, It may be a long-tail search term, Example: “How can I outsmart Google’s Algo?” That was the best example that illustrates better, try and google the example topic; you will understand what the client actually needs. After all, the buyer is trying to find a solution to his problem. He will more likely try and type questions in search engines.

Put differently, this is a focused approach to pull more relevant traffic. Bringing in huge traffic might help you generate some ad income. But if your ultimate purpose is sales leads, then you’ll have to bring in the most relevant traffic.

Expert Level Content

The Witty writing style is alright, but the ideas presented in the blog should be as unique as possible.  Trust, buyers are smarter than plagiarism checkers. When somebody says “persuasive content” they still don’t know the meaning of it.

Listen carefully; If you want to influence buyers, then you should not sell. Confused? As you already know, you have only a few seconds to engage your buyer. Conspicuously, the most sensible option is to talk about the solution, and not the product. In due course, it will lead to the product or service.

Segment Focus

Exclusive pages work better than a consolidated page. For instance, a product might be beneficial for Big, Medium, and Small businesses. A small business may want an apple, but a bigger business may need a basket of apples. Distinguishably, you should have separate pages that focus on the needs of individual user types.

Similarly, the benefits and unique selling points differ from client to client. If the page focuses on a particular segment, then the lead conversion ratio tends to be higher. Therefore, multiple web pages for different customer segment can offer skyrocketing results.

Prepare The Prospect.

To engage more, the content has to be more clear, to the point, and brainy. People least bother about wordsmith gyans, all they need is an effective solution. Speak about what he needs to solve the problem, convince that your product or service is the solution. He should realize the fact and should prepare himself to ask more questions. Now that you have already established him the solution, it is time to deploy a Click to action that connects the client with you. Since the buyer found your services helpful, he will readily do it. (Sensible and Expert Level Content are mandatory for this to work.)

Update Regularly

Most of the blogs tend to look attractive for clients with a low level of expertise, and your blog may look like the ultimate destination for him. But if he sees the page was updated on April 2012, then you know he will enjoy the content and ignore the CTA. Identically, Google ranking algorithm checks if the page is live or not. You should ensure your page receives actions like comments and reviews routinely.


All the above ideas are primarily for incoming sales. Likewise, one should employ outbound sales strategies like email marketing, PPC, and other sales channels. These additional sales campaigns can serve you bring in more interactive clients. In addition, you can advertise with offer coupons through relevant service providers. Example: An Apple seller can post his advertisement on a Juice blog or Diet blog.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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