5 Simple Steps To Creating More Memorable Marketing Campaigns

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The success of your marketing campaigns can be defined in many ways. However, there’s no doubt that the best campaigns are those that live long in the memory. 

After all, it’s not just about gaining conversion today. Building brand awareness for long-term benefits is an equally important task. Here are some of the best ways to make your campaigns more memorable in the modern age.

#1. Outsource

Outsourcing isn’t lazy. It’s smart. The fact is that the outsiders can view your brand with fresh eyes, which will also allow them to spot its USPs and think like your audience. The benefits of outsourcing marketing also extend to the fact they have expertise in the field, know the trends, and have the best equipment. Financially and logistically, this instantly makes more sense. As well as using digital agencies, you can team up with influencers. When people associate your brand with their favorite personality, it is an idea that’s sure to stick.

#2. Create Audio Ads

The choice of media type can have a telling impact on the consumer responses. While the best campaigns will use a variety of media types, you need to recognize those that perform best. You probably can’t remember a single newspaper ad or poster from five years ago. However, you can probably remember radio jingles from your childhood. Now is the time to meet SiriusXM Satellite Radio and the opportunities of targeted digital radio campaigns. When the content is right and it reaches the right people, the brand will see huge rewards.

#3. Be Socially Responsible

Consumer mindsets have changed. People now want to align themselves with brands that share a similar outlook on key aspects of life. When thinking about memorable campaigns in recent times, Gillette’s stands out as a very important one. Meanwhile, Nike tends to make powerful comments that people remember. Whether it’s human issues or protecting the planet, social responsibility resonates with people. In turn, people remember the message that was expressed along with the brand itself. It is a great way to level up your approach.

#4. Go Interactive

Digital media has opened the door to many new opportunities. Immersive campaigns held on social media sites like Triller and Facebook Live have worked wonders in recent years. Consumers will remember moments when their expectations are lifted. Getting them to ask questions on a live takeover, complete a game, or share photos with a hashtag can work wonders. The active participation makes them feel valued and, critically, is something they will remember. In turn, this increases your hope of future leads and sales.

#5. Use Data To your Advantage

Whether taking the DIY route or using a professional, data can be used to make far smarter decisions. Whether it’s using A/B testing or asking customers for their views doesn’t matter. If you can use the insight to perfect your campaigns, they will make a more powerful statement. Better still, it will boost the cost-efficiency of your strategies. Crucially, though, the knowledge that your ads make a big impression should confirm that they are set to deliver results. This means more conversions today, and for years to come.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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