5 Creative Marketing Ideas

With technology advancing, there are so many more ways you can market your business. You can use traditional marketing, online marketing, mobile marketing; it’s difficult to know where you should spend your marketing budget. If you’re having trouble narrowing it down, here are some creative marketing ideas that any business can use.


Ask Your Customers

There’s no better way of knowing how to please your customers than asking your customers. We already know that collecting data from customers is vital for business. The better you know your customers, the easier it will be to sell to them. However, businesses rarely ask for opinions from their customers on brand design or feedback on advertisements. One of the best ways to collect information is to use a Facebook poll where you can receive instant results.

Triggered Emails

Sometimes, customers just need a little nudge to purchase a product. For example, triggered emails can send your customers reminders if they’ve left items in their shopping trolley without purchasing them. You can also send your customers free delivery codes or discount vouchers via email. Some companies offer their email list customers a first look at sale items or new products. If you’re not using email to stay in the minds of your customers, it’s about time you start.



Holding events that your customers are invited to can make them feel special. Whether it’s an online event or a real-world event, it gives you a chance to connect with your customers and gather information. For real-world events, you’ll need to give your customers a reason to turn up. For instance, IT companies could give out free cupcakes with their logo on them or clothing companies could hire models to wear their clothes and do a fashion show for viewers. You can hire models at Nothing sells clothes better than a beautiful woman wearing them.

Think Outside the Box

Many companies that sell the same niche product use the same marketing techniques. If you want to stay ahead of the game, you need to know what your competitor is doing and top it. Is your competitor sending out emails? Try sending texts to your customers instead with questions and discount codes. Is your competitor using Instagram? Why not give Pinterest a go? There are millions of people using Pinterest and buying the products that are pinned on the site. Marketing campaigns don’t have to be perfect, but they do need to be innovative.


Loyalty Schemes

If you haven’t got a loyalty scheme in place, it’s time to create one. The point of a loyalty scheme is that customers stay loyal to you in order to receive a reward. For example, a salon may use a loyalty card that customers get stamped every time they make a purchase. Once they reach five stamps, they get a free manicure. It also works for referrals. Customers recommend your business to family and friends and get rewarded every time a new shopper mentions their name. You get loyal customers and new customers simultaneously.  

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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