4 Marketing Tools That Every Business Must Have

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If your business lacks proper marketing, it won’t succeed. You’ll be needing some marketers soon to increase your revenue. However, marketing isn’t child’s play. Therefore, you’ll need to invest in some marketing activities, for instance, email blasts, paid advertisements, SEO, etc. But, you’ll see good returns on your marketing investment in no time.

You’ll need to use some marketing tools to ensure your business never runs out of leads. But with hundreds of tools available, identifying the best ones to use is an issue – we’ve got you covered!

Read this guide to learn about some marketing tools that are essential for your business.

  1. Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, you’ll get the following data points:

  • The total number of visitors to your website by month, week, day, or any period you want
  • How long every visitor spends on your website and which pages they visit
  •  The interests and demographics of these visitors
  • The keywords these visitors are typing in Google to find your website
  • Where these visitors are coming from, that is, directly, through social media, ads, organic search, or referrals from other websites

This marketing tool offers essential insights into who your visitor is and how they engage with your website. You can double the process’s efficiency by pairing it with an eBook tool or Google Search Console, another free marketing tool that allows you to detect any problems with your website and optimize it to gain more traffic.

While all this information is quite fascinating, it can also help you optimize your marketing campaigns and website. For instance, Google Analytics tells you that you’re getting a good amount of traffic from a keyword that your content doesn’t cover adequately. So what do you do? You write a blog based on that keyword. It will skyrocket your engagement levels, and of course, your website’s traffic. If you’re gaining many visitors from Instagram but not from Facebook, maybe it’s time to focus your marketing efforts on Facebook. It isn’t just about the analytics but the insights as well.

2. BuzzSumo

It’s a brilliant tool with a plethora of features. It doesn’t just help you find the best-performing content for any field but also helps you find essential influencers to promote your content. By using this tool, you’ll be able to design more intelligent strategies for content. You’ll also be able to set up content alerts for your brand, competitors, and keywords. It ensures that your content marketing strategy never goes off the rails.

This tool is one of the best content curation tools. It helps you find the most-shared content in your field and enables you to share it with your social media audience directly. By analyzing the content reports, you’ll instantly acquire deep insights about the contents’ format that attract many visitors.

3. HubSpot

With HubSpot, you get a cloud-based software platform that helps you with customer service, sales, lead capturing, lead management, marketing, and CRM. Simply put, it offers you everything you need to increase conversion rates and make your business a definite success.

HubSpot has various free tools that can help businesses with marketing automation, social media marketing, and SEO. Plus, you can create lead capture forms, use live chat, monitor emails, and get analytic reports for free. If you go for their premium package, they’ll help you fully understand your customers by allowing you to funnel everything using their free CRM. HubSpot is quite popular, and these features tell us why. If your business is looking for an all-inclusive marketing tool, try HubSpot.

4. Hootsuite

For companies to be successful, they should never ignore what social media has to offer. It applies to companies belonging to any industry and of any age or size. Social media marketing helps you stay ahead in this digital era. Hootsuite is a digital marketing tool that enables you to save a lot of time by scheduling social media posts ahead of time. There are several features that Hootsuite offers to grow your business; for instance, you can:

  • Determine leads for your sales team and influencers for your marketing team.
  • Leverage pre-written responses.
  • Reply to mentions and comments using the dashboard – no need to visit every platform individually.
  • Schedule posts when most of your audience is active (even if you’re inactive).

Yes, social media marketing sounds a little complicated, but it’s not, especially when tools like Hootsuite are there. Using this tool, you can schedule and manage over 30 platforms’ social media profiles. Imagine doing this manually, without a comprehensive data dashboard guiding you. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, as it’ll frustrate you to the core. So, try Hootsuite and take control of your social media like never before.


Thanks to a range of marketing tools and social channels, digital marketing is going smoothly for most brands. These digital marketing tools help you dig into marketing-related data from PR, mobile marketing, search, email, social media, etc. Now, it’s time to pour in some effort and develop and maintain a good marketing campaign. If nothing is helping you, turn to the marketing tools described above. Because ultimately, your results depend on how you adapt to changes within the marketplace to align with the consumer’s behavior.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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