3 Tips For Boosting The Productivity Of Remote Workers

Remote working is becoming more common in business because studies show that people are more productive when they work on their own terms. It’s also cheaper for businesses because you can cut down on your office space, so it’s definitely something you should consider. However, it’s not always quite so simple and some business owners find that their remote workers are not, in fact, that productive at all. It’s only natural that some people will slack off when left to their own devices but a lot of the time, remote workers are not very effective because they are not being managed properly. If you are trying to make use of remote workers and you are having productivity issues, these are some of the best ways to fix that. 

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Provide The Right Tools 

If you are using remote workers and you want them to be productive, it’s up to you to provide the right tools. Remote working is only possible because of new technology and if you don’t make use of those tools, your employees will not be effective. A cloud storage and file sharing system is the most important thing that you need because it gives your remote employees seamless access to all of the information and files that they need. If you outsource your cloud services to an IT company (you can find a good one at, they will be able to implement a storage system that gives remote access to all of your employees so even though they are out of the office, they can still work effectively. As well as cloud computing systems, you need communication tools like live chat services, and project management software so you can manage remote employees that are spread out all over the place.

Encourage Teamwork 

When you are using remote workers, it’s more difficult to get people to work together on projects effectively. There is a big disconnect between everybody on your team and it’s important that you take steps to bring people together. The right communication tools will help a lot with that, but you also need to consider your company culture. If you build a culture that focuses on teamwork and collaboration, you will find that your remote workers will make more effort to work together effectively. 

Establish Clear Goals 

It’s important that you establish clear goals for your employees, especially the remote workers. If people are left to their own devices and they don’t really have much direction, it’s so easy for them to get distracted and waste time. Even if they have goals, they might not be clear enough or have strict enough deadlines, so they do not encourage productive work. If your remote workers are going to be effective, you need to communicate your expectations very clearly and set them regular deadlines. Visit for some great tips on setting the right goals for your employees. 

Remote workers can be incredibly effective and if managed correctly, they are often more productive than their colleagues back in the office. But if you just leave people to their own devices and don’t give them enough direction, they will not work effectively. 

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