3 Steps To A Successful Blog

Blogging is taking the world by storm currently. There are so many platforms available for you to choose from that it’s hard to know which one to pick. The most popular one running is WordPress, with over 50% of websites across the globe using it as their hosting source. That’s a lot of people who are relying on what was initially a sole blogging platform. Considering that there were only a handful of blogs in the late 90s, we have definitely come on in leaps and bounds. But how are we able to make our mark out there with so many other people doing exactly the same thing around us?


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Have A Niche

How can you repeat words that have already been said and expect people to still keep visiting your blog? You can’t. Make your content original – even if it’s not entirely relating to what you’ve got to sell or market. Clickbait titles are sending people into a sense of despair, and will only get traffic from those who are desperate to find out one fact. What you want to do is make the whole content interesting and keep people on your site for longer than expected. That way, they will be more liable to click around and search for more things relating to what they have just read rather than send themselves off. Decide what your niche will be before you start blogging; it’s always good to have something in mind and try to work and expand on it rather than wait for it to make itself appear. As long as you are consistent with what you do, you will have a following that keep returning.


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Market Yourself Correctly

There are so many ways to market yourself online now, that you’re more than able to put your blog on that list and get yourself out there. In fact, creating a page for your business, company or blog and putting some of the posts on there is a great way to get seen. What every blogger hopes for is the chance for their content to become viral – and this means that it needs to be shared on a variety of platforms for this to happen. You need to direct traffic to your blog for it to be successful. There are things that you can get involved in like AdSense, affiliate links and even sponsored blog posts if it really takes off which will help you massively in getting this much-required source of people to visit your site. Although pushed to one side in past years (mainly due to people not really knowing much about it or getting what it’s all about) SEO – Search Engine Optimization – can be a brilliant thing to invest in when directing people over to your site. Not only will it help with traffic numbers, but getting yourself up in the rankings on search engines can only mean good things when you are taking a few off days but need to keep your blog up there for everybody to see. There are companies that can help with your SEO, and even freelancers which are a dab hand at helping you out with it. You simply need to get in touch and tell them your requirements to see your blog appear higher and higher in the results.  


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Blogging platforms have the ability for you to leave comments easily on other sites that are hosted on the same platform, with easy-links back to where your blog is. It can be great to get involved in online communities that are interested in what you are blogging about, and really easy to find them with the search bars available on each site. You don’t have to go overboard with the comments – especially if they’re looking spammy, in which case you won’t have any returns back to your site – but really getting to know people and being personable in your approach can help your appearance no end and will have people flocking over. Networking doesn’t necessarily have to be done every single day, but being consistent with it will definitely help you to gain followers. Those who like your content should be able to share it on their social media, and it is this that you want and need for your blog to be successful. There are estimated to be nearly three billion social media users by 2020, so this is an amazing opportunity to be able to reach out and be seen by so many people if you stumbled upon the chance of going viral with one of your posts.


By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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