3 Reasons Why Your Employees Are Your Best Marketing Tool

If somebody asked you what your most valuable marketing tools were, you’d probably list things like social media, customer testimonials, and email marketing etc. Whatever you think that your most valuable marketing tools are, it’s not likely that you’d say your employees, but they can actually be very effective. That doesn’t just mean the employees that work in your marketing department either, every single employee in your company can help to improve your marketing strategy in so many different ways. These are some of the reasons that your employees are your best marketing tool. 

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Company Cars 

Offering a company car to your employees is a great way to reward them for their hard work and, more importantly, attract the best talent when you’re hiring. Giving benefits also helps to reduce staff turnover, which is a big problem for a lot of companies. If you are giving your employees a company car that they’re driving to and from work in, and maybe even using to get around during the workday, you can use that as an opportunity for marketing. You can get some great wraps for cars, vans and trucks that display marketing information on them. If you put them on all of your company vehicles, you’re getting a huge amount of brand exposure when employees are driving around. It’s cheap to do but it gives you a lot of exposure, so it’s actually one of the most cost effective forms of marketing there is and it helps to offset some of the costs of providing company cars in the first place. 

Company Culture

Your company culture encompasses a lot of different things like your core values as a business, but a big part of it is the way that you interact with employees and how you treat them. Consumers are increasingly concerned with the ethics behind the business when making purchasing decisions, which means that your company culture will come under scrutiny. If you can create a healthy culture in the office where employees feel valued and respected, and you pay people a fair wage, they’re likely to sing your praises. When an employee is telling friends and family that they love working with you because you treat them fairly, that massively improves your brand. However, if they start telling people that you’re an awful company that doesn’t care about their employees and pays everybody a very low wage, that reflects badly on you. If you get a reputation as a company that isn’t good to their employees, that can really affect your sales. 

Customer Service 

It’s no secret that good customer service is vital to any business, and if you have a reputation as a business that offers excellent service, you’re likely to do well. Equally, if you get a reputation for bad service, you’re really going to struggle to make sales. It all comes down to your employees and the way that they interact with customers, which is why you need to focus on hiring people with the right personality and giving them extensive training in good customer service. If you can do that, your employees are boosting your brand every time they interact with a customer. 

People don’t buy products, they buy people. If you can turn your employees into brand ambassadors that are always promoting your company, your marketing strategies will be a lot more successful. 

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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