3 More Marketing Tactics You Should Be Using

We all know how important marketing is; that’s why you’re here on this blog! However, sometimes it can be easy to get stuck in a few select channels. Sure PPC and social media marketing are brilliant tools to use. However, if you restrict yourself to the digital arena, you could be putting a cap on your success. Here are just a few other tactics you should be using right now.

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First of all, niche partnerships. The word “partnership” can often be a little vague. This could mean a partnership that lasts years, and shakes up the entire industry. Other times, it’s a one-off hinging on a single special offer. However yours manifests, you should be actively looking for a healthy niche partnership. For example, let’s say your company made guitar strings. This is a pretty small audience, who will have their own niche channels for getting information. You could form a partnership with a few popular guitar vloggers in order to get better outreach. Most of these kinds of influencers will happily do a review for a free sample or two. This allows you to dangle your product in front of your target market for a very cheap price. Whatever kind of business you’re running, look out for opportunities like this. Find out more at

You may want to commission some live entertainment marketing as well. Okay, this isn’t quite as affordable as sending a blogger or two some free samples. However, it’s a unique and highly effective way of getting your target market buzzing. How many ads do you think you’ve seen today? Now, how many of those can you remember? I bet the proportion isn’t that high! This is the secret to the success of live entertainment marketing. While a lot of other methods are easy to forget, live entertainment marketing is something else! This is a fairly small nice, but sites such as are beginning to spring up more and more. Take a look at the kinds of performances available, and find something that suits the culture of your company.

Finally, “share for more” incentives. Obviously, sharing content across social media is nothing new. Everywhere you look there’s little icons allowing your customers to share content and help the visibility of your company. However, a single button isn’t all that convincing, is it? Some modern marketers have changed all of that by incentivising the people who view this content. This tactic is called “share for more”, and the concept is beautiful in its simplicity. On any content pages, you simply restrict an enticing extra bit, and make it accessible once the user has shared the page on social media. This may come off as spammy to some consumers, true. However, a lot of modern web users share content across social media without even thinking. Just make sure the restricted content is actually worth sharing!

Use some of these tactics, and your marketing strategy will get a huge breath of fresh air. While niche methods will suit some businesses more than others, variety is rarely a bad thing.


By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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