2020 Business Trends To Watch Out For

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As 2020 is fast approaching, are you prepared for what it will bring? It’s good to know what the trends are in business and what you can expect because if you know what’s going on early then, you can reap the benefits of these trends. 

Personalized Customer Service

You will have seen this coming in already, but in 2020 there will be even more of an emphasis on a customized customer experience. Think product suggestions, personalized emails with things you might like or products similar to what you have bought before. 

Increased Remote Working

The traditional 9-5 office worker is no longer the norm, with laptops and smartphones, video conferencing and team messaging — technology has made remote work easier than ever and more and more people are choosing to work this way and expect it as part of their job. 

The Gig Economy

Hand in hand with remote working, as many small businesses might not be in a position to hire permanent employees, the gig economy means companies can tap into the best talent from a pool of freelance workers and more and more recruitment agencies such as DSC Personnel are also getting on board and specializing in contract workers. 

More User Reviews

User reviews are already playing a huge part in influencing people to buy a product. They make people feel more comfortable if people have already tried something and reviewed it. It has now become one of the number one things people look for before buying something. 

Businesses Will Prioritize Employee Happiness

Keeping employees happy is now not about giving them pay rises but about letting them know they matter and showing that you appreciate them. As mental health becomes a more prominent and talked-about issue, employers will pay more attention to their employees’ happiness as this also has a direct correlation with their productivity. Nowadays, the workplace is very different; many are more casual than they used to be with colourful walls, bean bags and pool tables which is all done to attract and retain top talent.

Stories Will Become More Prominent

Stories were first introduced by Snapchat, and have now become a default social media feature. Stories are short video content which disappears after 24 hours; they are more in the moment content which makes them authentic and more connectable to an audience. Along with live video, stories will become the main way in which companies get their message across. Businesses will pay more attention to stories and use them to build an authentic voice and to connect with the audience.

Voice Will Take Over

Devices such as Alexa and Google Home are already extremely popular, and because of this, the number of voice searches performed is also rising, and according to Gartner, nearly a third of web browsing will be voice-activated by 2020. Voice searches are much easier to perform, especially when people are on the go. Businesses now have to take this into consideration, so for example, when they are putting content online, it will need to be voice optimized as well as just keyword optimized. Businesses should look to get ahead with this sooner rather than later to stay ahead of the game. 

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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