About John Shea

Hey, what’s up?

I’m John Shea and I started this blog as away to share as much value as possible for struggling marketers and bloggers.

Perhaps you are new to marketing online, and you don’t know where to start?

I use this blog to interview online marketers and bloggers. I try to find people that have been successful with all kinds of different avenues online.

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How I Plan To Help

My interviews & blog content will help you learn more about:


-Niche Sites

-Social Media

-Traffic Generation

-List Building

-Writing Content & More

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My Story

Several years ago I joined an MLM Business called Beachbody, the makers of the popular fitness program P90x. One of the biggest things I did while being in Beachbody was I created not one but two WordPress blogs. I spent months working on a site called http://www.teamfitgamers.com only to realize when I was done I had no clue how to drive traffic and get visitors to my site. Over time I found it difficult to “recruit” people into my business as much I loved the products and wanted to keep going I decided to give Beachbody a rest after 2 years.

I ended up stumbling upon a marketing video online for the Empower Network around June of 2012 from a fellow Beachbody member, from this moment on I was totally ‘hooked’ on the idea of being able to make money online with the internet.

So I saw some success with Empower but mostly found myself distracted with the next best shiny object, overwhelmed, confused and trying to learn just about everything under the sun there is to know about online marketing. If you are a marketer yourself and you are reading this right now I guarantee at some point or another you experienced this same problem.

I started out learning about SEO and blogging, I enjoyed writing but eventually started to learn more about other tactics like video marketing, list building, traffic generation, paid advertising.. the list goes on…

It was not until I received an e-mail from Derek Halpern of http://www.socialtriggers.com about a webinar he was hosting “How I got 70,000 subscribers in 21 months”. Every time I read an e-mail headline like that, I know the presentation is going to contain some kind of VALUE! I actually took a lunch break early at work around noon time to jump on this webinar.

Something about this presentation set off a light bulb in my head. I had been going in circles struggling trying to find a way to do something unique. I thought it would be awesome to start becoming interested in what other marketers are doing and interview them. I had spent so much time going from training to training and course to course, always being so fascinated by what other people are doing, I knew this would be perfect. This would become the highlight of my blog.

This is how Voices Of Marketing was born.

Is this going to get me rich quick? No

Is this going to take a lot of work? Yes

Will it be worth it in the long run? Yes, it will.

I started watching and learning from others in the field already doing interview shows. People like:

Mike Thomas – http://www.mikefrommaine.com

Andrew Warner – http://www.mixergy.com

David Siteman-Garland – http://www.therisetothetop.com

I had a chance to speak with Mike over a Skype call and he told me that out of the 100+ interviews he has done he has built some great relationships and he also was profiting from doing this as well.

What gets me excited about this idea is of all the people I approach asking to interview, they are very interested and excited to share value and talk about their story!

Do you have a story? Would you like to be interviewed? Go ahead and contact me here.

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